About the Project

Jones Architectural was contracted to create a custom façade for the Columbus Crew soccer club in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Location
    Columbus, OH

Project Elements

  • Perforated panel façade surrounding the stadium perimeter
  • Engineered for structural performance

Services Rendered

  • Design Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

The Challenge

The Columbus Crew soccer club wanted an architecturally striking, yet structurally sound, façade on their stadium. We were tasked with engineering this façade without sacrificing the design elements, all on a very tight construction timeline.


The Solution

This project utilized our design engineering and design-assist services. Working closely with team representatives, the architect, and the general contractor, we were able to create a perforated panel design that was aesthetically pleasing, substantial, and safe. We used modular construction techniques to ensure efficient and safe installation of this custom façade.


The Result

The Columbus Crew stadium features a dramatic façade along the entire perimeter of the stadium.



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