About the Project

The iPIC Theater project demonstrates Jones Architectural Target Value Design capabilities. The project began with nothing more than a design idea and a budget. We then got to work creating a solution that met project requirements with stunning results.

  • Location
    Delray Beach, FL

Project Elements

  • Illuminated architectural façade
  • Parking garage signage

Services Rendered

  • Target Value Design
  • Specialty Fabrication
  • Installation

The Challenge

iPIC Theater wanted an open metalwork, illuminated façade on a tight budget. The theater's location in Delray Beach, Florida meant the façade also had to withstand hurricane-force winds. Site conditions provided further challenges in the form of tight spacing and a setting that was open to the public.


The Solution

We utilized our Target Value Design (TVD) program to meet the budget requirements of this project. Our engineers began by creating a 3D model that could be tested against site conditions. Once the open metalwork design was achieved, we worked to illuminate the façade with RGB programmable LEDs. Due to the challenging site conditions, the façade was fabricated using modular construction techniques. This allowed our in-house installation crews to work around obstacles and obstructions more easily on the small, busy site.


The Result

iPIC Theater now has a beautiful open metalwork façade that looks delicate but is durable enough to withstand hurricanes. The illumination elements add an elegance to this façade that is wondrously eye-catching. This was a highly unique project that we are very proud to include in the Jones Architectural Creations portfolio.



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