About the Project

Jones Architectural provided engineering services to design a custom façade concept for the Los Angeles Airport Authority.

  • Location
    Los Angeles, CA

Project Elements

  • A custom façade made of fins surrounding the building perimeter

Services Rendered

  • Design Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

The Challenge

The original façade design for the LAX ITF West project caused manufacturing costs to soar. Upon seeing a mock-up of the façade fin design, the architect realized that they would prefer a more streamlined appearance without a border trim around the perimeter. Jones Architectural was tasked with re-engineering the design to be more cost-effective and result in a more streamlined appearance.


The Solution

We put our design engineering team to work on improving the design of the façade fins. Our fabrication experts were called in to provide options on materials selection. Together, our team was able to create a cost-effective, beautiful fin façade design for LAX ITF West.


The Result

The architect and owner loved the new design. We were able to efficiently produce all of the fins in-house, which ultimately saved the customer money.



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