About the Project

Jones Architectural created a stunning series of mirrored canopies for the luxury Miami Worldcenter mixed-use development in downtown Miami. This project showcases our ability to provide turnkey solutions to achieve the visions set forth by our customers.

  • Location
    Miami, FL

Project Elements

• Outdoor Mirrored Canopies
• Foundation Work
• Paver Restoration

Services Rendered

• Design Assist
• Engineering
• Fabrication
• Installation


The Challenge

Miami Worldcenter is located in downtown Miami. The development was already complete by time we were brought in to fabricate and install the canopies. We had to navigate an urban location full of busy retail, commercial, and residential populations which required us to exercise particular care during installation. Adding to the challenge was the need to install foundations for each canopy and then restore the walkway pavers under which the foundations lie.


The Solution

The Jones Architectural design, fabrication, and installation teams applied our signature modular construction techniques to accomplish this vision. This approach allowed for clean, seamless installation in a tight corridor without disturbing the finished paseo that was already in place between the buildings onsite.


The Result

The canopies created by Jones Architectural feature mirrored ACM panels that reflect the surrounding environment for a dramatic effect while blending seamlessly into the public gallery ambiance and aesthetics of the Miami Worldcenter. Our turnkey solution minimized disruption on site, streamlined the installation process, and now provides welcome relief from the hot Miami sun.



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