About the Project

This Beverly Hills Sephora storefront is a custom fabricated solution that features an internally lit façade. The design was created by layering elements to create illusions of depth and texture.

  • Location
    Beverly Hills, CA

Project Elements

  • Custom-fabricated illuminated ribbon waves
  • Thermoformed side-lit letters
  • Internally illuminated low-profile S-flame logos

Services Rendered

  • Design Engineering
  • Custom Design 
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

The Challenge

Our task in this Sephora project was to create an eye-popping, modern storefront design on an aged building. The client desired a thin profile, edge-lit, minimalist design. Installation was complicated by the fact that it occurred near the end of the project. This meant that we would be working behind a full height barricade and on a very compressed timeline.


The Solution

Our design solution was to create very thin ribbon waves out of extruded aluminum. This allowed us to maximize the illuminated area using a lightweight material that would not put too much strain on the older structure. The aluminum wave was specifically designed to be thin to visually recede and minimize the amount of non-lit material on the façade. This installation was completed in three consecutive shifts of over 20 hours each to ensure the façade was ready for the store's grand opening.


The Result

The 3D illuminated ribbons are enhanced with mirrored black glass and fiberglass resin to enhance the wave effect and provide an illusion of motion. This flagship Sephora storefront is completely unique, providing a feast for the eyes and setting the store apart from traditional retail storefront designs.



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